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Industry best practices are skills that allow our community to be at its most successful.  By subscribing to standard industry disciplines and perspectives, you're ensuring that you are serving your clients at the highest business standards.   From our white papers and webinars developed by our Alternative Asset Manager Best Practices Committee to our Thought Leadership Dinners, CalALTs aims to be a guiding force in your success.


The resources below have been curated by the Best Practices Committee.


2020 Operational Insights in Alternative Funds


The CalAlts Best Practices Committee is pleased to release our 4th annual Best Practices white paper, "2020 Operational Insights in Alternative Funds". In this year's addition, we discuss best practices in vendor management, a new era of outsourcing and take on compliance topics such as being prepared for a regulatory examination and GIPS 2020. In addition, this paper tackles due diligence in digital assets. For additional questions about our publication, please contact our office at


This paper is a product of the CalALTs Best Practices Committee whose members include:


  • Sasha Burstein, K&L Gates, LLP - Committee Chair
  • Joshua Barlow, Valhalla Fiduciary
  • Michelle Bergren, Camden Asset Management
  • Frank Perez, Makena Capital Management
  • Jarod Winters, Sunrise Capital Partners LLC

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    ESG and Its Impact on Real Estate In An Evolving COVID-19 Environment: A Transatlantic View Through the Lense of Investors and Managers


    CalALTs is pleased to release our latest white paper, ESG and Its Impact on Real Estate In An Evolving COVID-19 Environment: A Transatlantic View Through the Lense of Investors and Managers. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has been a topic of increasing importance internationally. Prior to the pandemic, it has been of interest in the energy sectors. But as we live through history with a world changing before our eyes and look to determine some of the root causes and necessary changes impacting our industry, it’s only logical to look from a global perspective. Now with real economic impacts on assets, investors are increasingly concerned with ESG thus more questions on due diligence surrounding ESG have been surfacing. This paper is a start to not only raise awareness but to begin assisting in the due diligence process. For additional questions about our publication, please contact our office at


    This paper was crafted by the following CalALTs Members:


  • Joffrey Quenton; Geocom Capital
  • Brian Paik; Ievers Consulting
  • Kavitha Ramdamichan; Continental Europe at Maitland
  • Vijay Shah, Incline Investment Management LLC

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    Best Practices - Hedge Fund and Private Equity Operations


    The private funds industry has developed significantly in operational sophistication over the past 10 years. Today, the investor wish list includes the existence of an independent administrator, an internal CFO, segregation of duties, employee background checks, centralized operations, documented policies and procedures, a fiscal budget, an internal CCO, an external regulatory consultant, a clean regulatory history, formal compliance training, a tested disaster recovery plan, a cyber security plan, and related staff training.


    In terms of internal staffing, best practices call for:
    • a seasoned fund accountant to act as Chief Financial Officer
    • a securities lawyer or regulatory professional acting as Chief Compliance Officer
    • an experienced operations person with knowledge of settlement, reconciliation, and trade break issues, and
    • coverage for back office personnel when they are on vacation

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    This webinar presents a panel of industry professionals discussing changing the way people think about banking and CRE financing, how the fintech community has grown/evolved as well as how fintech firms are overcoming the challenges of small management teams, tight financial resources and pressure from investors.



    Zachary D. Streit, Senior Vice President, George Smith Partners - MODERATOR

    Timothy Li, CEO, Alchemy

    Ian Formigle, Chief Investment Officer, CrowdStreet

    Brad Hargreaves, Founder and CEO, Common

    Brad Greiwe, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Fifth Wall

    Originally presented July 9, 2020

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    As a benefit to our community, CalALTs hosts a series of invitational Thought Leadership Roundtable Dinners. These roundtables bring together asset managers and representatives from top service providers to discuss current issues affecting the alternative asset community in California and abroad. Our Thought Leadership Roundtable white papers provide a quick summary of the topics discussed and insights of our participants.


    Cyber Security

    On Thursday, January 15, 2015, CalALTs hosted a Thought Leadership Dinner on Cyber Security Compliance and Best Practices, featuring Craig Watanabe of Advisor Solutions Group.

    Advisor Solutions Group provided a series of user awareness memos for CHFA members to help in developing safer cyber security practices.


    Cyber Security for Employee’s Home Computers & Personal Devices – Home and small business computers are easy prey. Hackers may want to gain access to your financial accounts, or the target could be someone that you know that is a bigger target, and the hacker is using you as a conduit. Another common reason home and small business systems are attacked to gain control and use your computer (along with many others) in a coordinated cyber attack. 


    Strong Passwords – One of the greatest threats to our clients and our firm is the risk of an electronic breach (getting hacked.) We will talk about two very simple but effective measures to reduce this risk by strengthening passwords. 


    Identity Theft – Identity theft is a crime where the perpetrator wrongfully obtains and uses the victim’s personal data in a way that involves fraud, typically for personal gain. Some law-enforcement authorities have called identity theft the fastest growing crime in the country right now and approximately nine million Americans were victimized last year. 


    Hacking & Malware – Information Security is an important priority at any company. This memo will address how to protect against hacking and malware.


    Fraudulent Emails – A common and frequent fraud is being committed via hacked email accounts. If a client’s email account has been hacked the hacker may be able to see emails sent to and from your company. Mimicking the style and knowing key personal information the hacker could send a fraudulent email to your company attempting to steal assets in the form of a third-party wire transfer.


    Public Wi-Fi – Public Wi-Fi such as free wireless at airports, hotels, and Starbucks is inherently dangerous and should be avoided if possible.

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